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DIY Hair Growth (Dry Scalp) Spray

I made this spray for one of my coworkers after she had, what she would consider, a "postpartum crisis" and cut her hair really short. I found this recipe, made her a spray, and got her the essential oils to make more. After a few weeks, she started to realize, that her hair was growing back faster than normal! That is her testimony to Young Living essential oils!
A few months later, I noticed that my scalp was consistently dry. I looked up what essential oils or recipe would be good for dry scalp and found that the same oils would help! So I made myself a spray and after one application, I noticed a difference! Now I use it every time after I wash my hair and as needed. 
So what is in this DIY hair growth (dry scalp) spray?
Essential oils - 
* Lavender essential oil soothes and calms dry, irritated skin. It also combats excess sebum on the skin (so this would also be good for those with oily scalps)! Lavender is gentle on the skin and great for all skin types!
* Cedarwood essent…

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

This week must be the theme for hand foaming soap. First, my Young Living sponsor posted a video on how to make this super easy and CHEAP hand soap. Then, the next day, I went to an Essential Oils 101 class and the host had a set up for hand foaming soap!

I've wanted to make this soap for about 2 years now but have always made up some sort of excuse. "The dispenser is too expensive." "I don't have the ingredients " You know how it goes! Well let me tell you, once these 2 ladies introduced me on where to get cheap dispensers, how easy it was to make, and I realized I had all the ingredients on hand, I thought I would share with you how to make this simple, nontoxic hand soap!

So what is in this foaming hand soap?
Castile soap - Castile soap is loosely defined as a pure vegetable-based soap. It originally was made from olive oil but while it makes a great moisturizing soap, it doesn't really lather well. Most castile soap is made from a mixture of olive oil,…

DIY Facial Toner

I've never really been into facial toner. I've always been a let's-wash-my-face-and-get-to-bed-as-fast-as-possible kind of girl. But one of my coworkers (thanks Rachel!) mentioned it so I decided to look into it. I did a little research, and found that there are some great benefits to using a facial toner!

It helps:
* detox to remove environmental exposure or other harmful chemicals from your skin, which can lead to less acne, less severe acne scarring, and fewer wrinkles (1),
* to remove oily buildup, residue and dead skin cells. It reduces the amount of facial blemishes and acne that are already there and it works to prevent future breakouts (1),
* to tighten and shrink pores, so that less dirt, oil, and toxins can enter the skin, which decreases irritations and infections that may cause acne (2),
* to provide hydration to your skin, which is essential in maintaining elasticity, smoothness, moisture, and a more youthful appearance (3).

Once I read some of those facts, I figure…

Young Living Essential Oils

This blog is not all going to be about Young Living Essential Oils but I wanted to start off with brief essential oils 101 basics, why I chose this company over others, and their philosophy. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to these amazing oils. I'm just going to touch on them briefly now and then I'll go into more detail in the future. But if I have sparked some sort of interest and you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

So what are Essential Oils? 

Essential oils are volatile substances derived from plants, containing the natural smell and characteristics of the plant. They are extracted primarily through steam distillation. These potent, volatile, and versatile oils are often called the "life blood" of the plant. They have protective properties which are the plants natural defense mechanism. -Since essential oils are volatile, they will evaporate, unlike a fatty oil. Essential oils are extracted from trees, shrubs, flowers and stems and s…

About Me

Welcome! I am a wife as well as a mother of a 2 1/2 year old boy and soon-to-be mother of a baby girl! We live in upstate New York. As my day job, I work as a Registered Nurse in the Cath and Electrophysiology Lab, but my true passion is health and wellness!

Some Cath Lab fun!
My love for health started when I was in high school. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2000, and I helped care for him during his illness. During this time, I joined the ambulance squad. It was around then I decided I wanted to get into healthcare. I became a nurse in 2010, and since then have worked in a few different specialty areas, including a medical surgical unit, an intensive care unit, and now, a cardiology procedure unit. I was introduced to Young Living essential oils in 2015 by my coworker, when working in the ICU. Since then, my vision of health has altered. There is a much bigger world out there of holistic medicine that we just don't see in society and traditional healthcare! Don't get me …