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DIY Lip Balm

One of my sisters was just visiting me from NJ and I always have such a good time with her! It's always a lot of eating good food and drinking good cocktails. I swear I just gained 10 pounds in the last 5 days! Doesn't she know this mama is trying to lose the baby weight!

Besides eating and drinking, we did enjoy the weather. She also helped me put together all my flowers for outdoors! 

My daughter is getting baptized next weekend in NJ so I've been scrambling to get things done around the house before we go, since I am working the next 2 days! One thing I needed to do was make some lip balm. My mom's friend places an order every few months for a whole batch of these. She says she can't use any other kind because she gets some sort of reaction to the store bought lip balms. But that doesn't happen with the lip balm I make! So before we go to NJ, I needed to fulfill her order! Which provided an excellent opportunity for me to take pictures for you to share this wo…

DIY Laundry Detergent

I just started making this laundry detergent and I have to say, I really love it! I've been using it since last fall and I am always amazed that our laundry comes out clean with detergent I made! My latest wow moment was just the other day. I let my daughter eat some strawberries and it got ALL OVER HER!

Here is the aftermath....

And this is after using my homemade laundry detergent!

I am literally amazed! I thought for sure those pants were done for!
So what is in this laundry detergent?

Castile soap - Castile soap is loosely defined as a pure vegetable-based soap. It originally was made from olive oil but while it makes a great moisturizing soap, it doesn't really lather well. Most castile soap is made from a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, or any other kind of vegetable-based oil. It is mixed with potassium hydroxide and the chemical reaction that occurs creates what we use as Castile soap! It is safe and gentle on the skin! (1) I choose unscented Castile soap s…